Sunday, February 22, 2009

SMART sports day 2009 + mini reunion *part 2*

It was a mini reunion coz I got to meet mei ting, pashe and surya after the longest time. So good to see you guys again! :D
Ok back to our thing. I wanted to see my precious *again, FUTURE* phone so I pursued my friends to go to Sony centre hah~ and guess what I saw, my F phone selling for 1699 bucks!?? WHAT THE FRRRR..... so freaking ex! I asked my uncle that day and he said 1K and now what I saw is almost 2K ish. Maybe what chern said is true, SC sells these stuff more expensive. I dont think ppl go to SC to buy phones hah~
This was what I spotted at the PSP section.

Hohohohoho~ you bet I am!

A face ixora flower? at Living Cabin.
*I'm so glad my fringe is gettin longer btw*
Continued our shopping spree, went to Crocs to find meanmean. *yupe, she starts work at 2pm right after sports day*

Introducing a booty crocs.

Hard worker haha~

Love the way they arrange their shoes! Rainbow!
I think I cant do this job, coz I'm afraid of climbing ladders yes I am. I'm not afraid of heights it just that I'm afraid the ladder is not stable blabla stuff like that.

Crocs xoxo.

Holy cow! Look at the size of this shoes.
I bet everyone knows how to differenciate an ori crocs and a fake one. This is one my past times, to spot fake crocs and fake LVs wtf. I dont understand why poeple wanna get fake LV i mean, when you can afford it then good for you, if you cant you think people wont know your bag is FAKE ahh *i am so supporting mr vuitton now, sir, if you're readin can you give me one lol* sheesh because of these FAKER trends we have all these cetak rompak gucci cetak rompak chanel so damn cetak rompak until sometimes if you really own a real one people may think that you own a fake one wtf

We took the jibbits out to play they are all so adorable and not to mention expensive! Around 9 bucks for one!
In case you guys didnt know, these jibbits are something like buttons to clip onto yr crocs shoes err or slippers.

My favourite cartoon characters!
And no I dont like BEN10 iamsosickofben10itseemslikeeveryboyinmykindergartenisintoben10whatsoniceboughtben10argh

There's this crocs bag also.
Tell me, who wanna use this kind of bag?! xDD

Nevertheless we took them and pose around wtf.
Even the bag can put jibbits hah~

Crocs vs. Nike.
Nike wins because there's another nike shoe at the back which belongs to mei ting haha~


Aint this shoe the cutest ever?! Auntie margie, faster get this for Caitlyn!

Next stop :: Roxy.

Tried on a 140 something bucks beach shorts.
Love the fact that it is short but it doesnt seem to flow nicely. Agree?

THe END !!!

* its about time =.='' *


Margaret February 23, 2009 at 9:22 PM  

crocs? not in style by tat time she can wear..
keep ur money and get a nike instead.. ;)

pHei e is me. February 25, 2009 at 9:31 PM  

ei, still in style ok. she how many months already.
a few more months can already oneee... hah~
get BOTH. :)

.. and counting

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