Monday, February 9, 2009

Suprise suprise.

Today mummy suprised me when I entered the car after work.
She said, "Phei e, I bring you go body shop now ah, buy some facial thing."
Usually when I mention bout body shop stuff blablabla she's just ignore me lol then today she wants to buy a set of BS products for me?
I love u mummmmmmmy! haa~
I should tell you ; never in my 20 years of life on this earth that i ever bought a single product from BS, like seriously.
Friends use body lotions from BS , i envy.
Friends use shampoo from BS, i envy.
Cousin *coughs kay shin* use makeup form BS, i envy.
So now phei e using products from BS, anybody envy? LOL.

I love the fact that BS is environment friendly. :D


Mummy bought this for me, for my blemishes. Sigh you guys know I have blemishes right I mean like really T__T dont wanna talk about it already sam tia~
I even considered goin to a dermatologist to check my face condition coz it hadnt been inproving sigh.

Anyway, this set is suitable for people like me, with blemishes.
Its called tea tree oil.
The whole thing cost us 75bucks which I think not very expensive also larr, compared to products by DR. Murad coz you get a facial cleanser, moisturiser, toner, tea tree oil and a set of blotter papers.

Hmm, there was a really nice consultant there explaining stuff about acne to me; stuff like I SHOULD NOT SCRATCH MY PIMPLES lol I know I know, its just that sometimes my hands get itchy-fied. :D
I have to follow a strict diciplined routine though, wash face then toner then moisturise then put the oil thingy, not forgetting my garnier.
Girls. >.<

I got this too. For night use. Guess how much is this lil baby.


A better face means more dicipline.
More intake of water.
Less intake of fried food, can say BYE BYE to my cheesy wedges dy sien.
More intake of fruits and vegetables.
Less intake of spicy stuff sighh.
Lets see whether this routine helps anot after a month. :)))

PS :: I'm currently a member of BS so if you guys wanna buy stuff from BS tag me along hah~ I wanna get points. :p


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