Sunday, February 22, 2009

sushi king + starbucks

Sushi King

HSBC has brilliant promotions which I love oh so very much. Firstly was the Padini promotion, for every 7 swipes of 30 bucks or something like that lah, you get a padini voucher worth 30 bucks! and so lalalala add up all together we had around 120 bucks of vouchers to spend muahaha and that time it was before CNY somemore thank God for vouchers, thank God for HSBC and the person who think of this.

This time around, it is Sushi King vouchers! And the vouchers came so Dad brought us for dinner yesterday.

I like their cold green tea. Not too fishy coz some green tea taste fishy yuck.

I look decently relax not very posey in this pic coz daddy was taking the pic LOL i sorta forced him coz he's sitting in front of me. xD

My hair looks nice yesterday. :)))
And darn my upper part of the cheek is redish coz I think it was because of the sunburns I got in the morning. Sigh, it will so turn dark tomorrow. Rawr~

Pink cheeks that would look cute today and ugly by tomorrow. =.=''
The wonders of BS. See, my pimples are practically *almost* gone in just hmm, 1 week of using?

Brother slumber-ing.

California temaki i love. This time there's too much cucumber.


When I open the menu page my page to my suprise they have :::

TAKOYAKI!!! omgggg I miss this so badly!! I love these balls in Japan but i didnt order them yesterday coz I dont think it the same as those in Japan boohoo~

Soft shell crab.

Udon and tempura. Another of my personal favourite I dont really fancy raw stuff so tempura is fine for me.


Mummy is such a poser LOL like her daughter.

The proof. =DD

Trying on a smoky eyes effect for myself.

Saw this at the counter.
Please dont forget yr phone.
Please dont forget yr wallet.
Please dont forget yr umbrella.
Please dont forget yr grandma or grandpa wtf.


Ah ying and Ah ting hah~ (their name so cute) cheng us (joe eeloe chern and I) yam teh for helpin them out for cheering.
If you're wondering why ah joe is in is coz he's the brilliant music mixer he evens does those wavewave stuff lalalala he's good.
It was in starbucks that I saw sue ann and pao! Sue ann is on contacts now pretty dy haha and pao omg yr skin is flawless babe!

Ice blended Choc chip extra whipped cream again. =D

Loe getting sleepy but lookin cute and sexy at the same time. heh~
Thanks Loe for fetching me again!


Nsxon Boo February 23, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

Sushi King is a big NO NO for me, especially after you've tried the authentic one in Japan LOL. Give Sakae or Zen a try next time, they serve better Japanese food. I mean WAY BETTER!!!
No comment for Starbutt =)


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