Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tadika Mesra Matahari

Such a cute name. ^^
Thats the name of the kindergarten that I'm working in right now.
Kids are so so adorable these days. *naughty at times but if kids are not naughty that would be weird aint it*
As a very poser-ish teacher I teached them a few pose-c of my own lol and should I say, my students are fast learners. ^^
Observe ::

Arent they cute?! *pinch cheeks*
Who teach them?

Sorry pic quality not good ahh, was in a rush since battery runnin out =.=''
I still dont really know how to use my cam to the max T_T

Yesterday there was this fire drill demonstration in school whereby two firemen *and a few reporters* came. Honestly I was expecting something more, like showing the kids how does a fire estinguisher thingy looks like, you know, stuff for kids so that they understand better. BUT no, they just gave a brief talk and a few demonstration with no sample of 'put off fire' stuff to show. Oh well, thats just my opinion. At least they learn something today, like what is FIRE and what colour is the smoke wtf.

Anxious faces.

Ignoring the camera hurmph.

Mr. Fireman is here!

No, he's not punished. Mr. Fireman was asking him to demonstrate somethin. ^^

Candid moments.

I was the 'photographer' for the event haha~ while the video cam thingy I asked wei hong for help and so teacher Citra gave me this cam to use. OMG so nice I mean the image and stuff. The colour. I love it so much that I started ignoring my baby olympus miuu lol sorry miuu~
According to WH, he said this is the latest and that the lense is good. O.o

Anyway, today there were a few articles concerning this activity (News Straits Times and some other chinese newspaper I forgot the name wtf).
Too bad I wasnt in it coz I was standing BESIDE the camera man wtf. hah~


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