Wednesday, March 4, 2009

coach LV coach.

LV or coach LV or coach LV or coach.

This post is dedicated to my coach (no not the designer bag this time) but my real life 4 years ago colourguards marching band coach, SIR HEZRUL !!! gawd thats a long title.

Apparently, Sir came to kuantan for something i'm not very sure what it is with this buddies so, merely a quarter of the CG clan (actually only ah yoke, wei sam, zz xin and I) wtf met up with him and yakyakyak bout the memories we had way way back. :D

Us four.

At first there was a lil drama about where to gather.
I told sir that we would have it at oldtown air putih, 10pm and he, being a kl person and all, was like "Where's air putih" lol I should have know.
Being late and lost his way; sampai go duta sand resort wtf which is like 30 mins away from town haha yadadada, we ended up at tc around 11pm hoh~

My first reaction to coach :: Coach cut his hair!! LOL

SO, there we were talkin bout those kelakar times, those nicknames aci lah, king kong lah, kak pah lah, johan lah, johan's adik lah lol wtf. 'You know who' teacher somemore hah~ fond memories.
Suprisingly coach still remembers.




Yours truly. C for colourguard! hah~

Supermodel us.

Bruce Lee stroke peace stroke cute us.

And in the middle of our conversion, sam tai ka jie was like, "coach, you ada girlfriend ah?" lol see la see la we never change, still the same naughty crazy old us.

Phei e *loves* COLOURGUARDS !!!
mgs batch 2005


.. and counting

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