Sunday, March 1, 2009

Edu fair.

It was the first major edu fair in Pahang this year.
Well, at least for local unis.
Honestly I expected something better, like the one in Penang (damn why kuantan dont have)
Maybe because I wasnt interested in local unis so, whatever.

Now don't go sayin "Yer, why Phei Yee so cuan wan" lol nonono that was not what I meant.
I wasnt interested coz I wanna study medic (been telling this for the 78th millionth time) and with my results ( I know for sure I wouldnt get straight As T_T) sure cannot enter local uni so, so, so, you guys go figure. Dont get me wrong ok. =D

Anyway back to the fair.
Ok lah the fair wasnt all that bad lahh at least I got some info bout PTPTN wtf.
*yes people people! Phei Yee is not rich she needs loans to study like everyone else ok! So Pashe, please stop callin me anak datuk panglima lol wtf*

I was only interested in one booth. =.=''

Oh wait. I mean two.

Mummy so intense and serious! We must get the loan! LOL nolah mummy didnt said that, I said it wtf.

The crowd which is mostly students in uniform brought by their own school buses. =.=''

Saw the angkasawan among the crowds. No, not the handsome one, the other one. =.=''

What I''m interested with. Notice thats there's universiti malaysia sabah hahahaha~
Who knows~ heh.

Got three of a kind file. hah~
Coz the file was good so dad mum and I took one see lah like that also can.

So, i saw this article in the newspaper today.

I think it is a consultant thingy meaning, helping students like me who wanna pursue medic but not really sure where and how.
But of course this is studyin abroad.

I went to the website and I was quite impressed with the info given.

Like this one, for example::

FEES for universities in Russia (my favourite topic O.o)

1. Russian State Medical University
  • Pre-Medic(10 Month)
  • RM 23,800
  • Medical Degree (6 Years)
  • RM 131,920

    2. Moscow Medical Academy

  • Pre-Medic (10 Month)
  • RM 23,800
  • Medical Degree (6 Years)
  • RM 136,000

    They have medic universities in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt too, all recognised by JPA and MMC. How cool is that!

    Imagine Phei Yee studyin and having practice operations in a pyramid
    Hah. As if.


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