Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family affair.

It is a family tradition every year, to clean my great grandma and great grandpa's grave.
A good family affair I should say, coz through this us, family, share joy laughter and lame jokes too lol.
So, this year we did the same thing.

Greatgrandma's grave used to be deep inside the rubber estate.

Yes, in there.
Where a gazillion mossie are waiting to suck your sweet sweet blood.
We had to endure heat and those bushes with thorns but hey, it is a great adventure lah since we only do this once a year.
Its exactly like one of those episodes of LOST but this aint no island.
I just hate the fact that the mosquitos bite and never let go urghh bloody fools.

BUT guess what?
They cleared the forest.
Like this.

How can they do that?!
Well ok I have to amit there aint any mosquitos to worry about anymore but it was so so hot coz there aint trees around no more.
I think the development dude also discovered that he cleared a forest full of tombstones so he decided to stop and continue some other place hah~
God bless you lah uncle.

Please ignore the baggy tracksuit, oversized tee and retard expression. I didnt bring any other so I had to borrow.

Wasting time. Hah~

Have a break, have a can of 7up revive.

Bro said he wanted a terminator pose.
I guess he got it. O.o

He's too skinny to handle.
My uncle even had cangkul and stuff ready for a forest adventure but no bushes to 'chop' hahaha~
You see, greatgrandma's grave used to be inside inside blocked by lots of trees and big bushes we actually have to see the coordinates of the trees lalala stuff like that to locate it.
He even said they wanted to buy a chain saw or something to chop the trees hahahahha~
Think until like that.
No need for that now. :DD

We later had dinner at Bei Zhan, a chinese restaurant.

Daddy and Mummy. :)

Gene gene.

I *heart him!


Bro is so acting cool here. =.=''


The following day was my grandpa's turn.
I miss grandpa.
He used to laugh at my jokes eventhough they aint funny.
He used to cycle and buys ice-cream for me.

Ah kong, I miss you.

The following pics are for camwhore purposes.

It was hot sunny day.

Rachel :: huh?!

Rachel :: I dont want to take pic lahh.

Different facial expressions hah~ Rachel is too busy with her i.ce.ream.

Still busy.

Kids these days. So fair. Sigh.
Phei yee jie jie lose already lah.

Charng How :: What?!
He's feeling the heat too. :D
His hair is so so straight weii~ cuteness

Ready to go home.


.. and counting

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