Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's coming.

So I've heard.

2nd of may.

Do you know who am I talking bout?


The one and only.


*crowd can start cheering now*

I dont think I'll be goin because of the economy crisis wtf.
I've been getting lectures from dad for the past 3 times already bout 'the economy crisis' and that I shouldnt spend so much money coz other people out there are jobless. =.=''


Ok nevermind so, I've bank in my salary and I'll keep doing this until I'm ready to get my phone.
This is also good actually.
Stop my temptations from going overboard.
I shall indulge into my shopping cravings sometime later.
Probably when I graduated and work. =.=''

Today I told mummy I have a new mission vision whatever you call it.
To get an ORIGINAL *emphasise emphasise* LV bag before I reach 28 wtf by that time got other new brands already haha~

Spotted a fake LV again today.
Please lahhhh people.

The concert may just have to wait.
Maybe next year geez I've been saying this for the past few years already.
But if JAY comes, I need to go no matter what.

I *heart* you, JAY!!

no offence lee hom. ;)


.. and counting

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