Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am so doing foundation.

Yes its true.
I'm going thru the whole process again.
But this time with an addition subject :: Physics.
OMG. killer!
I dont know nothing bout PHYSICS, heck I've practically abandoned this subject for 2 years already.

That's my only option so far to do medicine, lets put Russia aside for the time being.
I just remember yesterday that I had sold Miss Irene's maths exercises to the old newpaper dude.
Bad move.
How was I to know I would do foundation * pre medical lah nicer to hear :P * again?!!
Oh well this is another stage that I have to go thru to fulfill my ambition.
God has his plans, maybe he wants me to check out some hot guys during my foundation year LMAO joking.
SO yea,
I'm working on it!
Since I've gone thru the STPM exam, I'm sure I can tackle this one too.
After all, I just need to work hard right? *huuh, easy for me to say*

I've decided to go to

fuf long name.
If you dont know bout it go google it! shame on you how can you not know bout it wtf.
Mum is worried bout the temptations of kl city.
Yes I repeat.


The gazillion shopping malls.
The gazillion yam cha places.


I think I can control myself hahahahhaha well I have too!
I have to score like. big time man, getting a scholarship would be so so good.


Dont you just so loveeee this word. *sarcastically speakin

Random pic.
' Exploding coke float '


.. and counting

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