Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love from KL *picture edition*

Dinner KL day one :: Tony Roma's, the gardens.

Mr Tony quite handsome hor wtf.

I want!! Hummph.

While waiting for food what better way to waste time, camwhore lah peoplepeople.

Our appetizer; onion something something gawd its so good.
Didnt know why I didnt try this the other time.

Look at the way the burger is stacked. So artistically delicious wtf.

Chommmm chom chom.


Later we went shopping shopping shopping and we saw this music fair thingy, wanted to go there but we diverge to machines instead hoh tempting myself only.
Mac air.
Kau (sepatutnya) milik ku!


DAY 2 :: oneU

This was my lunch actually. Cost me 5 bucks ok lahhhhh.

( I prefer starbucks ohoo~)

Rabbit teeth straw-ing.

Thank you everyone for yr extra unwanted hands wtf.

Figure it out yourself.

Desparate smile while being ignored by caitlyn hurmph.
Actually there's another picture of her pullin my hair lol but I didnt want to post it up coz i look so sakai.

Ke-uttt nyerr~

Had TGI for dinner and this was the only picture I took coz I was busy eating wtf.
Speaking bout TGI there's this waitress that actually mistaken my bro as my bf.

Cousins.. looking at them I feel so old.

SO cute lahh, this video
coz I kinda gave her the lines and she had this *memorizing the line face*
Her speaking skills are so so good already now, for a 4 year old I should say.
Last time, she used to call price tags as buuberrr!~ whatever that means lol but now she uses expressions likes "oh man!" wtf even I dont use that word, better vocab than phei e jie jie already. :DD


Oh oh oh.
This is my lucky 5 ringgit.
Because I found it on the floor, while my uncle was driving hah yea, I have sharp eyes for $$.
At a carpark to be precise.
So, I was like "got money got money stop the car!!" hoping that it was 50 bucks I ran down grab the money then leave lol.
Tisk Tisk Tisk.
Since nobody wants you, mr. pityful 5 ringgit, I must as well keep it properly in the arms of my roxy.

Next time whoever duwan money,
just give me lah,
no need to pretend pretend drop on the floor. :x


.. and counting

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