Friday, March 20, 2009

Love from KL

Hello peeps.
Sorry for the long un-updated posts
yea, there's 2 people that find my blog boring thank you very much for your compliment hah

Anyway, the delay was because of my short trip to kl which is where I am now, sitting on my auntie's couch using her laptop and blog.

SO yea,
This time I am proud to say that I've been to THE GARDENS wtf yes I know, far far japan got go before but near near gardens never go before, oh well, people are like that. Ohohoho~

I'll never ever ever ever never ever ever ever never ever ever forget my shopping trip there as it was where I miss out on my *future* you know what bag crap why always like this. hurmph
And there's this hello kitty laptop fan thingy I dont know what its called, so cute and yet I decided not to get it with a lame excuse and regreting it later.

Enough of the sadness, got something 'interesting' wanna share with you guys.
So here's the thing.
The other day my auntie and uncle came down to kuantan for a visit and we went to this XXX kopitiam where we did our usual routine lah.
8 hours later....

Phei e :: *monolog dalaman* aduhhhhhh. Bloody pain lah my stomach.

*heads to the toilet, came out and went in again after 1 minute wtf*

*somebody farted in the room*

Man! I tell ya!

I was suffering in silence, not because of the smell but also the $%#&.
It was so %@!# nothing can describe how my stomach felt that night gawd.
The funny thing was eveyone had stomach ache and we had to like take turns to use the toilets lol what is this. Yamcha together enjoy together suffer together.
Anyhow Phei Yee is feelin happy today coz she just bought a 10 bucks sort of like dress skirt thingy from voir.
Thats hot.
She is so proud of herself now. :D
She will be posting pics on her KL trip *without fail* tomorrow.
Till then.
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Damn XXX kopitiam
Thanks for the memories


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