Thursday, March 26, 2009

p chan -- kyoto

Pre written post.

It was a bright sunny morning.
Woke up really early, had a heavy breakfast.
Felt lazy to put on any make up I would rather sleep, though I realise, based on my observations, no Japanese girls leave home without make up.
I am starting to get use to this. :D

Based on my schedule prepared by my host family (they're brilliant! had everything planned out for me), I'll be goin to Kyoto today!
Kyoto is so pweeettty! Its a amazing city with many historical sites ( does geishas sounds familiar to you? :D) something like Malacca in Malaysia.

Kakogawa (the place I'm staying) to Kyoto takes hours even if you take a train (lets just forget bout the bullet train; twice the speed but twice the yen)
But even if its the normal train... it aint cheap. Lemme see. 100yen= approx. 3.90 make it 4 lah.
Ya alllla mahal giler !

The super duper ultra friendly taxi driver/tour guide.
I was super touched that they even hire a tour guide to explain Kyoto stuff to me.
Heart them. :D

Your typical tourist.

Why. hello there :D
OK people people lets make this clear she aint no geisha wtf people usually have this perception that people dress in kimono hair tied like that with super white face are geishas.
hah I use to have this thinkin too

But no, she's just a normal girl outside a studio along the streets doing some photoshoots.

Took the opportunity like any other tourist would. :D

Liquor vending machines?! HOH~
Everywhere I go Asahi Asahi and more Asahi.
They dont have tiger or guiness or whatever we have here, just Asahi beer.

First stop, the Kiyomizu temple.
We went there quite early in the morning and its packed with people!
Well no suprise there; Kiyomizu is one of the famous temples in Kyoto and its kinda old I'm not sure whether its the oldest but its old.

The red building behind me is a shrine near the Kiyomizu Temple.
* Me and my wardrobe malfunction

I L-O-V-E the scenery!
If it snowed, it would be even prettier awh!
Auntie Midori said it would be nicer during fall where the sakura would bloom and everywhere is pink gawd PINK! *I have the pictures will show you guys later

Us in the temple. :D

They have lots of these; write your wishes down, pray hard, hang them.

Touching the love stone, according to it my true love will realise my existence LOL i dont think that will happen anytime soon.
We went for lunch later.

Ah, the typical japan streets we usually see on TV.
These streets remind me of a much cleaner version of Jonker walk. All the shop and stores look very small from the outside but when you step inside.... Whoa..!

The entrance.

Set meals for all of us. God bless my hair that time haizz.

My tempura gawd I love tempura whatever tempura it is!

Went to Kinkakuji Temple after lunch. This temple is also known as the "Golden Pavilion Temple", you'll know why.

Yupe. The whole temple is covered with pure pure gold well, literally. There's a pond surrounding the temple with beautiful koi fishes in it. Stunning!

The reflection.. so nicee! I love my baby miu.

The back view. This temple was once open for public, meaning you can go inside and have a look. But its not now coz many went in and scratch the walls of the temple wtf.

Well, that's it bout Kyoto.
Will show you guys how Kyoto looks during fall in the next post.
Till then!

xoxo Paris Phei Yee.


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