Saturday, March 7, 2009


I finally got my manicure done today! Argh it felt so good being pampered. xD

And the result?

I love it so freakin much and best of all, it doesn't burn a hole in my pocket!
This was my first time
and I went to Maroon Teluk Sisek for it.
*didnt know they had this manicure thingy goin on there, got the info from Loe*

Anyway, I went there in the morning WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT hurmph silly me and was said to come back at 4 coz there were other customers and poor girl, my 'manicure-ist' was working alone today, darn I forgot to ask for a namecard from her.

So I emo-ed. lol
This was my wakeupfromsleephair by the way.

Back to where we were.
The environment, or should I say 'the feel' of the place nice! Maybe because I never been to these kind of places lah first time "exposed" to these kind of places wtf so yea yea yea I love it.

There were huge look-like-ogawa-chairs-but-not-ogawa-chairs with cool water pumping sort of like mini bath tubs for your feet! Dont start laughing at me for being jakun, after all it was my first time ok give me face abit la wtf.

At first I wasnt considering of doin pedicure coz I thought doin manicure alone would be too expensive already.



If you do the cuticle stuff it was cost a lil more *if i'm not mistaken 35 bucks* but if you you're just interested in shaping and painting your nails it only cost 18 bucks! The normal colour ones would cost 15. So heck what, I did for my fingers and toes which all in all is a buck more. ^^

And And And, they use the brand O.P.I ommmgawd love it!
She picked pink as the base colour.
Did a good job. :)

I was treated with such royalty.

Before goin, I took a few pics so that there's a before and after look hah~
So, here they are ::

The dull dry ones.

The shaped bright pink ones!

The unevenly long ones.

The even pweeetty ones!
*for some reason the pink doesnt look very bright in pictures, but in real it looks really sweet*

*pics courtesy of eChern babe

*shuffle shuffle shuffle*


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