Friday, March 13, 2009

The truth.

So, it's finally out.
The long awaited, anticipated STPM results.
I think most of you must be standing on your feet and getting ready to throw your shoe at me for keeping you guys suspense all these while lol coughs* HJ jie ahemahem.


Hah~ OK lah my results is not that good. Just average, cukup makan, ngam ngam hor nia.
A = Pengajian Am
B = Biology (disappointed! I thought I could get an A- !!)
B- = Chemistry and Maths.

I was sooo happy that I didnt get C or lower for chemistry coz I screwed that paper I even thought I was goin to fail wtf can go ask people somemore whether is it possible to fail during STPM wtf duh of coz can fail lah. =.='' This is me.

Anyway, so yea this are my results. Average average. cGPA pointer = 3.085.
I was super happy bout it at first coz with this I qualify to do medicine in Russia.
But unfortunately not in Malaysia, the Malaysian standard is alil higher where they count only science subjects not including PA.
So, with that I only have 2.8 while the minimum is 3.0. SHEEEAAT!! arghh!

What to do now?
Ambition of becoming a doctor is still on for me.
Russia is indeed too far and currently having slight problems, thanks Siva and Nits for the Russian uni info stuff!
So if wanna do medic also, do in Malaysia better.
Another way? Do foundation in science.
As me why am I doing this ; the answer is simple.
I want to be a doctor.
Doing medic in russia takes 6 years.
Doing medic in Malaysia :: 5 years, foundation :: 1 year
End of the day, isnt that the same? :)

Of course I consulted mummy bout this and she did agree, actually she's the one who thought about it lol.
I'm considering AIMST, Kedah.
I am so gonna kill foundation !! And get results that says, "nah! in your face!!" hoho~


Chern, chern and I lol went for a movie and supper just now.

Went cherish.
HONEYDEW SPECIAL omgggggggggggggggggg. *love
Cut my hair.

Chern had her not so spicy nasi tom yam or pattaya i forgotten the name.

Chern bro cant seem to make up his mind. hurmph.

PS : I didnt cut my hair. wtf.


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