Monday, April 27, 2009

Bank Blues.

I will never ever ever ever go to the bank again.

Ok larh maybe not forever and ever larh I'll never go to that particular bank no more.
You guys must be wondering what is this paris crapping larh get to the point wtf. Ok this was what happened.
I went to the bank with mum this morning to buy something called the Wawasan something something saham and when we got there ::

Wtf?! The bank havent even open yet.
Thoughts came into my mind; there would be alot of waiting, alot of standing up.

"Uhh oo its going to be another LONGGGGG day"

You guys should have seen what happen when the door opened zomg the aunties and uncles were pushing and running towards the counter like it's a 10m sprint race or something geez

And when I was about to take the form an uncle pushes me I believe there was a swooosh sound zomgg uncle so damn ganas ok, thank goodness nobody step on my toe.
But the worst is yet to come.

Look at the line! mummy is in purple and it didnt move at all, seriously. Even if its after 3 friggin hours!! They kept saying "ohh, the line hanging larh, offline larh" haizzz so slow so frustrating.
And guess what, after waiting for a whole friggin 3 hours, they said "Oh, sudah habis"

I have nothing to say.


Momsie said she wanna redeem some clinique stuff so we went to the mall after that.
Did some camwhoring coz the lighting was nice. :D

O hai this is me without make up. =.='
Oh Oh Oh I received a poslaju sorry note again today!

Twice already sighh.
In suspence of what's in the mail now.
Dum dum dummm~


.. and counting

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