Saturday, April 11, 2009

E kia

Ever been to E kia (hokkien slang) before lol wtf is it I kea or Eee kea mostly Malaysians called it Eee kea but the other time on apperentice the ang mo women was saying I kea as in the alphabet I.
Ok bla bla whatever.

Yesterday I went to Ikea again yay I love ikea so colourful. This time my main purpose was to actually try their meatballs since almost everybody and anybody said that it's so goood so I went to see how goood it is and boy was it goooooood.

They are quite cheap too!

Uhh hungry! Looks as good as they taste.

I expected something bigger though I thought the meatballs are the big ones or something but no, anyhow they go so well with the sauce (excluding the jam urghh)

Dad had this.

6 bucks beer hurhh "Give it a try lah phei e give it a try" =.=

We sat by the window so we saw D curve. Didnt manage to go there this time, limited time T_T

Still cant get enough of it. I friggin love the sauce larhhh.

Shopping/camwhore time.

Focusing on my baby miuu.

I love this mirror! apparently bro doesnt. O.o


Bro decided to play with the trolley and I decided to camwhore when mum and dad were frust-ing to find the shoe rack wtf these children arh. lazy. haha.

Then i *pretend* to help mum and dad.

True true. :DDD


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