Saturday, April 18, 2009

gifts for paris wee wtf

I've been watching Paris Hilton's My New Bff everyday and its actually NOT bad.
I mean, I use to think she's a dumb blondie but no one can deny the fact that she's hot.

And I don't know why people starts calling me Paris now, ok maybe because I have paris shades and this started nsxon with the hey paris! thingy lol so everybody, from now on call me Paris Wee. wtf

Her perfumes smells nice, her bags are pretty not to mention her shoes. I think I'm starting to like her *gasp that's hot.

This week should be named the "Come lets give Paris Wee free gifts week" coz coz hmm you'll see.


C510 my first cybershot phone.

As slim as its owner?! :DDDDDD

Shimmering key pad.
So in love with it.

NEW cetak rompak crocs HANDPHONE POUCH !!

This shouts Paris! wtf.
Cute aint it? I saw this at Japan and it was about 100 yen or 300 yen I don't remember, all I know is that its cheap and it spells c.u.t.e!
I was thinking of buying some jibbitz from crocs as well hoh~

scary how my eyes does that. O.o
Speaking bout crocs they actually have HSM crocs for HSM fanatics hurmph so much publicity. Why dont they have a DAVID ARCHIE crocs or JAY crocs ooo that would be nice. xD

my FIRST BB CREAM! >.< before this use foundation only. sobs

*tears of joy
My first BB cream.
It came as a shock from me coz it came it a mail! yeap my auntie bought it on9 *hearts!
EH, I should really consider this on9 E selling thingy larh it seems like everybody is liking it and I think its a good business really. I need a wholesaler! is this how its spelt?
No joke.

Btw, I dont know why its called Beblesh Balm maybe it sounds cool-er that way, rap style yo beblesh yo wtf.
So far its good coz it doesnt really make my face oily but it cannot cover my huge zit on my cheek so thats the down side.

I *heart Korean products.


PAVILION dv3000.

When I opened the box ::


Much better.
The guide book wasnt very helpful, they didnt even mention how long to charge the lappie hurmph instead it was in the lappie, the E lectronic guidebook. *oOo in amazement

The 'touch' segment which isnt very clear here sorry.

Comes together with a cute remote.

And oo I love this. Thumb reader. Instead of typing yr password for hotmail, facebook, myspace bla bla NOW I can just scan my thumb and waaaalah! Signed in.
Waiting for my hello kitty cooler to go with it. xD

Last but not least


What can I say.
Photo from

I'm just a lil too not over you.
Eh eh eh.


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