Monday, April 13, 2009


Yuuuuuaaaaahaiiiiittttheeeeerrrrreeeee. wtf dory.
I love dory in finding nemo larh hahahahaha damn funny short term memory lost fish and whale communicator hahahaha yaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnooooooeeeeee. lol

Anyway, that day in Midvalley they had this baby blue whale model thingy the one on National Geography? yayayyaa that one.
At first I was like ceh quite small larh this whale but then i saw the poster showing this is just THE BABY whale not the ADULT one. embarrassment. =.=''

Oh look!

Mr. whalie junior looks sleepy.

I didnt get a full view of the whale actually coz I was too excited to get close to it sigh. And when I told mummy to help me take pics she was like, ready? 1.2.3. ok done! and when I ran to have a look, there was none. =____________________________=
So, I told momsie she has HAS has to polish up her photography skills :D

Then we went to the other court and saw this ::

iPhone fair!!!!

YES. iPhone.
Sighhhh. KL people very rich larh I guess, so many wanna buy iPhone, need to take number somemore before being attended.

Oh well, Life still goes on.... without the iPhone.

Relaxing at Gardens, I almost slept at their sofa goodness its just too comfy.

Before this shopping huuhaa I actually went for an interview in my future coll. That was my main purpose to kl la actually; for this interview not shopping. xD
YES, need to pass interview only can enter believe it or not. Got essay writting somemore. O.o
Well, I think I did quite ok. General questions why you wanna be a doctor etc etc again. This question.

My interview face.


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