Friday, April 24, 2009

How to avoid a toe injury wtf

Yes I'm still not over my toe. Well this post would still be bout my toe so if you're not interested you are excused.

Ok so I went to the doctor today after consoling myself that the doctor wouldnt pull out my toenail wtf I kept telling mummy this until today I think she got quite irritated by it she said, " SHE WOULDNT PULL OUT YOUR NAIL LAHHH!" hahahhahahah sorry ma.

Back to the doctor. She said it would be better if she drain out the blood clot under my toe. DRAIN out. So I was like Oh ok she must have some canggih manggih machine to suck out the blood underneath but when she took out a plaster, cotton and syringe.. I wasnt smiling no more.

She said she's going to DRILL thru the nail and let the blood out.

Using the syringe.........

Dont bother asking whether its painful anot, you should know.
Now, my toe looks better already not that swollen but there's two tiny holes and its bleeding off and on.

This is how it looks like now.

Anyway, this suppose to be a "How to avoid a toe injury" post, so here goes ::

1. Don't hate your toe. Love them while you can..... T_____T
what am I crapping

2. Avoid metal chairs at all cost !

3. Don't try to be a hero.
Well that was what I did, stretch out my leg to avoid the metal chair from making a big BANG, instead I get a big sqquuuaashhh. Bad idea.

4. Don't play pepsi cola cop!
*step friend's leg see who's school shoe blacker wtf remember this primary school game? Ahar? Ahar? NO.

5. Avoid cangkul or people cangkul-ing my dears.
I dont know what a cangkul is in English =.='' Anyway avoid them or they might cangkul your toe as well wtf.

OK I dont have any other whacky suggestions anymore if you guys wanna add to it that's fine with me.
Together we fight for TOE rights!


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