Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a 'hairy' problem.

Ever wanted hair like these?

* I have no clue why this pic turned out like this.
Yea. Me too. But I have to be realistic for now since I currently have short hair.
SO, ok these are nice too.

Ok. Maybe this is too mature for me.

But this is sweet! I love this.

*takes in deep breath

Anyway, minutes ago I was confident I could pull it of how hard could it be right my hair quite long already now, hurmph me and my wrong hypothesis thanks to it I currently look like an auntie.

Wayyyy to go. *claps reluctantly

Hello auntie Paris Wee. T_______________T
I have clear forehead without BB cream gawd! :D

The reason behind my failure is probably because of my fear towards hot curler irons and no-sense of mirror image whatsoever (left is right and right is left huh? I'm getting blur already)
I've watched tonnes of videos and say hey! this is not hard I can do this!
Guess not. T_T

This was the best I could do.
I look like a lion. )=
Oh well, like they said, Practise makes perfect!

Second attempt :: Tomorrow night!


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