Friday, April 3, 2009

Kobe monkeys. xD

When my host sister said we're going to see kobe monkeys, I doubt it would be a great show.


I was wrong.

These monkeys are born to be actors *actresses* man!
Hard to do tricks funny jokes. you name it.
Best of all, they understand japanese ahaks~

Of course some of you may think "Aiks, these types of monkeys looks scary wei bite people onee~"
They dont bite.
They may not be your typical "oh so cute lah" animal, they are cute in their own ways. xD
Plus their trainer is one hot chick tell me who wouldnt enjoy the show, tell me tell me.

Our friends wearing Paul Frank jerseys wei~

And I didnt know whether you notice it anot, there's one monkey that have a "i'm suffering from depression face"
How cute is that ha~

Nah this one. Far right.
During the show, she *yes its a she* also shows a depressed face only hahahha what's bothering her mind la.

Host sisters were kind enough to sponsor me an autographed polaroid picture coz it aint free. :DD

If only my hair ........ emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo

My lunch :: Loco moco and Teh C.
They have teh C in japan omg!
First time drinking teh C only wtihout the peng because so fringgin cold fringgin 5*C outside.


The other day when I went to this particular arcade where I was checking out this sweet machine thingy when you put the token in and if you push dunno what button at the right time, the sweets would drop and you win them.
Omg I tell you, the types of sweets they put, so fringgin pathetic.
Pathetic meaning, those gula gula we can buy from kedai runcit for 5 cents each, those types. =.='''
50 cents one token for one try somemore.
Who wants. =.='''
Upgrade lah standard abit, like this one ::

*coughs Haagen daaz *coughs
Things we can only find in Japan.

Kobe monkeys can be found
at the Kobe national
flower park.


.. and counting

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