Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miss Irene's bday 09

I know its a bit late but I was busy with something else. xD

So, Here they are ::

Happy bday miss irene! *sorry bout the flash though.

Suddenly it seems like its loe's bday lol.
*Ignoring Jern Foong's ' i am wang lee hom smile'

Happy bday loe? xDDD

Father daughter.

Teacher never fails to wear nike attire. Never ever! Btw, groovy nice pants! Loving it.

The girls.

Candid shot where only mezha pays attention :D

The always random boys.
Btw, ah kee is taller than teacher! Aww cute kee. :)))

Eating cake.

100 plus goes well with DKNY lock? =.=''
I didnt know DKNY got lock one. Miss Irene has so many of these high class stuff. :D
Tell you guys one funny story. The other day when we were at Gardens, mummy saw this pretty dress worn by a model at DKNY and so she said she want to go check it out.
I was like uhh ok, but it wont be cheap mum. 400 above probably.
And so we went in and see the price tag :: RM1499. *gasp
Mum, "aiyoh! scary man."
Then we terus went out; our actions were really obvious and the sales girls must be wondering "ish memang bukan orang KL nih" wtf.
I thought it would be like 600 bucks or something but 1499?
Giler mahal.

"Show me the mooooney!!"

Cheers! Feels like chinese new year all over again.

I beh song you.
*I CANNOT be a model*

Come people lets do the Phei Yee "peace paris hilton mouth pouting pose" wtf.

Yi tsiang :: Congratulations mr JF you're invited to our exclusive party! *smiles broadly
JF :: Proud to be. :p
Jun Yan :: Ngo mou ngan tai arh.

Time to open presents!

Cute salt and pepper thingy.

Yun chian.

Wonder what makes cai yi so excited. Any idea?

This is the second year we celebrated miss Irene's bday.

Hopes she doesn't forget us.
Coz we never will.


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