Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A note for Paris Phei e

I finally get to hear lee hom's new album thanks to loe!

So cute ^^
Got translation somemore ok "Saya langsung tiada alasan untuk menghiraukan kamu" hahahaha

Today I got my very first GEO colour lenses!
I use to say I dislikes these lenses but now... heh heh heh
I'm addicted to them now; although the first time I wore it I believe I look like one of the vampires from twilight wtf.

I bought it at a very very good price = RM38 a pair including pos ekspress postage!! Ahh I love myself for my online shopping expertise :D
Pre ordered ones would be cheaper but I dont wanna wait for 3 weeks; I'll be in KL already that time.

At first, I did doubt whether its the authentic GEO since its so cheap (some websites even selling for RM70!) but yes its authentic coz there's a code under the bottle where you can check the GEO web for verification.
So guys, make sure you get the authentic one ok!

Does it look weird? :D

Paris Phei Yee is using GEO nudy brown.
Just so you know.


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