Saturday, April 4, 2009

p chan -- Lil Hiromu

Hiromu should be 6 this year.
The first time I went to his kindergarten to pick him up, I was indeed, very shock.

It is so so so clean.

Ok well except their play mat.
If you can see, Hiro-chan is the one doing peace sign there.

I dont have a near shot of Hiromu coz he's quite a camera shy person.
The best was this one ::

At the Osaka aquarium checking out fishes.

Oh and this one when we were at the bowling alley ::

Ok where were we?

But the cafeteria,

So clean!
Imagine this ::

Cafeteria auntie :: Ok kids we will be having unagi and sushi today.

Lucky kids. :D

Playing lego. xD
See the boy on the far right. Seeing the lego plan somemore hoh~ future achitect.

One thing I dont understand. These kids only wear short pants when its so freaking cold! Inside also quite cold it's like turning your aircond on 12*C wtf I'm already shivering with my coat on.

I came across a very cute poster with kids in very cute uniform and so I asked Hiro-chan's mum whether it is their actual uniform.
Well, she said its their musical concert uniform awww adorable.

PS :: Yesterday was the last day of me, working as a kindergarten teacher.
I know I will miss the kids but at least now I can rest. :)

Why do I feel like my blog posts are getting boring-er each time?



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