Monday, April 6, 2009

p chan -- ninja me

"Are ninjas from Japan?"

Kill me now for making this statement.
I use to think Ninjas are from Korea.
Thats right.

I saw this in a shopping mall in Japan.

What is this?!


And this?!!
That was when I realise I was wrong.

Hiromu was really excited one the whole ninja action drama thing.
Well, boys kan.
I have some big boy friends that love these stuff too *coughs ah leong mr. joe ahemmm.
Anyway, before long I was seen doing this ::

I was quite embarresed to play this game actually coz I know I would suck badly but guess what?
It turn out to be hmm. different !!
Like. really good!
Until those by standers go "Wahhhh, Sugoooiiii ne~!!" including my host sista lol.
*btw, sugoii means awesome! and it 'comes together' with a very shocked stunned excited face wtf*

There's a shop nearby that sells lotsa ninja stuff ninja tshirt ninja underwear ninja wristband ninja this ninja that everything ninja-ish, even bought some for myself.
Notice the signboard above.
One word
Sugooooiiii nehhhhh!!!!~ *coupled wtih overexpressed facial expressions.

The winning face hoh~
Guess what I won = that dart thing lol I should have known.
I know its not call dart I dunno what it's called sorry i'm shallow. =.=''


.. and counting

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