Thursday, April 30, 2009

p chan -- yce student welcome party

Pre written post.

Date :: 21st December 2008
Venue :: Himeji Chamber of Commerce

*These photos are from Uncle Usami's camera.

Just pictures with brief captions from here onwards coz there's nothing much to write about a formal function. :D
Oh btw, it's a welcome party.

We had to wear our formal uniform.

But Nsxon didnt hahaha he was like "I just came back from somewhere I didnt know!" Lucky enough he brought his blazer.

Kanak-kanak riang. O.o

Nsxon giving me the death stare for being to happy lol.
The 5 of us belongs to a group and if I'm not mistaken our group is the only one that has Ski Camp!!! :DDD

Dunno why that day I kept smiling, maybe because I fell in love with Japan already the first few days I were there.

Speech time. *There's a video too*
I didnt know that I was suppose to give a speech until uncle told me in the car arghh quickly took out my handy jap book and try to find as many jap phases as possible.

With host sister.

Presenting my home made video omg I didnt see this one coming! I actually made a not so formal video for my host families to see but never in a FORMAL party *gasp there are mainly (ok mostly) pictures of me fooling around O.o

Us. :D


Here are the videos ::


Us giving speeches.
*You should have seen this video, Nsxon! hah*
Please ignore my very unprepared speech, put me under pressure and I'll turn out like that. :D


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