Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday night was fun!
Well, mainly because my girls and I (the eee's) were having a "Curling Party Nite" wtf and that was what we did.
Yes yes I know you guys dislike my curly werly hair but last night I think it was better hah~

No? :D
all these were taken with ma webcam quite clear eh.

Ok so thats the good news (or is it not?!). The bad news is this ::

O.U.C.H !
Yaa. It really hurts alright.
Ignore the yellow yellow stuff mummy said better put some anticeptic or something.
My poor little toe is now injured thanks to my @!#@$ metal chair.
I didnt sleep well the WHOLE night coz the toe is like, really really painful no words can express it. In the morning I took some painkillers so now the injury is not THAT painful but it still is!
I have this fear of going to the doctor this time coz if he decides to cabut my toenail or something I rather be toeless wtf joking joking I dont wanna be toeless that would be really really sad.


Pain pain go away come again another day or dont come at all.


.. and counting

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