Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping with an injured toe...

is painful afterwards. :(

Nevertheless shopping with mummy is always a good thing unless she says "No Phei e I'm not going to buy for you, economy crisis larh!"


Hurmph. But today, no economy crisis hahahahhahahha *ahem
The main purpose is to accompany mum to body shop to get her facial wash.
We end up spending around 30 mins there coz she cant seem to decide which is better until the consultant came.
So there I was sitting at a high stool, avoiding people that seems to like my leg wtf come so close to my leg = toe alert = pain!

Went around camwhoring coz I love the lighting but dislike my face here.
I was too focused on the workers noticing me camwhoring around wtf scared but still wanna take. Ngekk~
Hmm. Then I discovered something new in the store ::

Oh wow. :D
I've got to say Body Shop is very supportive with almost everything :: HIV, environment etc etc.
The latest is the Earth day campaign where they dont give out paper bags anymore we, customers have to bring our own shopping bags OR they give you a paperbag and you have to donate 50 cent to a community I forgot what name it was.
Cool campaign.

See those red packets down there? I was like hmm? ohh wow cute bar soaps! When I went to take a closer look ::

*whistles and walk off

Bought a top from mng today.
25 bucks.
I think its worth it.

Best shot of the day.
You guys know how I hate flash, I'll be like "oh crap! flash! ughhh take again!" *grumble grumble grumble



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