Sunday, April 12, 2009

Should I go anot?

I thought this problem is solved already with me not going to lee hom's concert.
But now, I have free tickets! No, not the 398 bucks ticket la wtf that I sure will go dy.
They're giving me free 88 bucks ticket which means, sitting at the very back. And I mean very very back, where I think lee hom will look like the size of an ant!

This all started when I managed to convinced DAD that I really need a new phone coz my current one is a goner, some parts wanna come off already wtf so kesian so I said I'll get a cheap one larh since the nokia 5800 is expensive.
So, I said I want W910i ( my ex dream phone). Ok done.
THEN DUNNO WHY SUDDENLY I WENT TO THE SE WEBSITE TO CHECK OUT THE PHONE THEN I NOTICE THE PROMOTION but only for selected walkman phones and W910 aint it sheeat so I'm considering W595.

WTFFFF free tickets!!! To lee hom's concert!!!

*started to look for a pillow and shout*

Then I saw :: 88 bucks ticket. =.='' Means sit at the back for sure larh. Hurmph.

There. have a look yourself. Ya ala so damn friggin belakang.
If I go, I'll have to bring my binoculars O.o

For more info on the SE lee hom musicman promotion go to this web.

Wonder if my camera can zoom that far


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