Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bukit Cina mee rebus

I love mee rojak, ALOT.
My dad on the other hand loves mee rebus, so I enjoy his food hunts, coz whenever there's mee rebus, there's mee rojak :D

Yesterday he brought us to a stall at Bukit Cina, Malacca where there's a stall famous for their mee rebus.
If you havent been to Malacca and dont know where is Bukit Cina, well apparently it is the largest chinese burial ground outside China.
And I guess it is one of the oldest as well.
Coz the graveyards are so so old that some of the tombstones have no words on them. O.o
I just google this :: some graves are dated back during the Ming Dynasty!

Little did I know, the stall is...

Near the grave?! dum dum dummmmmmmmm~
I think we were sitting on top on someones grave as well omgg coz there's a tombstone in front off our table.
Sorrrry. *shaky voice

*having bad hair and face day today argh

The uncle smiled for my camera hah!
See the tombstone right infront of my table. Told cha!

Ok ok nevermind that as long as the food is good nothing else matters, i think. O.o
We ordered ::

For me.

For mum and dad.

The mee rojak was so so only larh to me coz I've tasted better ones, the good thing bout it is that there's lots of this keropak thingy which happens to be my favourite hee~
I don't really fancy the sauce though, alil spicy for me.
Dad said his was ok, but nothing SPECIAL.
There's cendol too btw.

The stall is beside the road, a few metres away from the Hang Li Po's well,
so its hard to miss.

Mee rebus RM2.50
Mee rojak RM2.50
If I'm not mistaken har har.


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