Monday, May 18, 2009

Class 4A

Phei Yee is currently in Batch 4 FD Class A. :D
I love my class damn freakin much larh, mainly because we have jokers, we have divas, we have talkers wtf and we have hot guys and girls ahem kiddin.
Anyway, thought of showing you my class and how is it like studying in a uni coll.

I use to think that studying in coll would be much easier, better life coz got freedom to wear what we want and have aircond rooms 24/7 but ekk wrong. Form 6 is much easier minus the aircond and freedom. I dont know bout other colleges larh but life in CUCMS is never relaxing. Hmm let me see,

Pre lab
Lab report
Post lab
Pre class
Mindmaps notes
IT class
Communication class
Intro to medic

Does that sound relaxing to you? I dont think so.
Oh how I miss form 6. T_T
Ok forget bout that, back to my coursemates.


Horr, this is what phei yee do in class. :x


Argh this makes me miss my school desk!

Aircond lab, this I love.
I cannot wait to get my labcoat larh, cant wait to get my doctor look. =DDDD

I am seriously fat already omg I mean, my face is like rounder already right right right did you guys notice omgg i dont wanna get fat anymore. T_T
Take back my words take back my words.

PS :: Phei yee was almost late for class today DAMN RAPID KL!!!!!


geeds May 22, 2009 at 1:30 AM  

i feel excited for u la weyh.
and the chair with the lil desk that they provide for us, i don't fancy them t0o.
especially for lefty like me.
its for right-handed person.
the lefty? kesian people like me when it come to writing note on the table. T___T
they should provide things for the lefty to0 right?

and and your firend, the cynthia girl, she looks like our 5M classmate.
wait wait...who huh...?
ouh ya! Chi Hui.
isn't she?
they look alike loRr.

pHei e is me. May 24, 2009 at 7:28 PM  

yea you're right. :D
and guess what she's more mature than me so i'm the one that goes crazy at times and she's the not crazy one haha so cute.

oh yea, leftie geedah! I always find lefties cute larh. ask your lecture to get you one special one since you're special. :D

Take care geedah muaks!

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