Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curving. :D

Just came back from the curve after a massive desperate hunt for formal clothes.
After shopping for like 3 hours, I only found 3 clothes. Hurmp.
Oh yea, family came to visit me this week! so yea, thats why I can go places like curve hah~
When parents are around its impossible to not go to Ikea coz its our 'hangout' place wtf.

Yes! do help me fix my table!

Waiting for mummy to look for her plants wtf yes, she buys plants from Ikea. =.=''
Check out my new table!

Sorry its abit messy.
Love it coz its white.
Love it coz its big. :D
Its actually a coffee table yo, but I improvised it.

Hmm, what other stuff. Oh we went for dim sum this morning and it sucks.
Its not really good and yet there's like a huge crowd so huge that we had to sit upstairs.

The lomaikai wasnt good.

And I think everyone who knows me should know by now that I'm the most expert-dess quote and unquote person when it comes to holding chopsticks.
Guess what? my expertist skills are put to the test today but I lost it. Boo~
Apparently a bite of lomaikai which suppose to land in my mouth, landed in my tea.

OO kayyy moving on. *whistles away

I so freaking love nichii larh it save my day. I've been searching for this, top thingy like forever, I dont know how to explain but it looks pretty, show you guys the picture next time. When I saw it at nichii I almost fainted wtf.
The formal clothes there are nice too, quite reasonable.

*stares at G2000 and looks away in disappointment wtf.

Nice to go shopping after a whole week of assigment madness.

PS: MNG slacks are hot. :D


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