Monday, May 11, 2009

First day

Back to school, ahem uni I mean, for Phei Yee.

This is me. :DDD

So far so good. The good thing is that the bio syllabus is like.. the same as what i had learn before but the bad news is... I hate physics; now and forever wtf.

Today is formal day and so are Wednesdays, actually right, everyday we also need to wear quite formal eh. Humprh.

Oath taking ceremony.
Officially a CUCMS student! :D

Getting use to the bus services. Waiting at the bus stop is a killa thing for me. T____T
Visited MMU omg freaking big university there's even a cimb bank inside the campus wtf is this. WHY oh WHY so good.
Found new place to makan.

*yawn its going to be a boring post this time

Went the cyberia park. Ah, serenity.

My camera phone so freaking rock! So clearrr. *teary eyed

Never seen sunset before, beautiful la weii~

Reminds me of Taman Gelora. T____T
WHY oh WHY today I so emo arh? hmm.

AND oh oh I wanna share with the whole world that the day before yesterday I got to see dead bodiessss! They are different from what I expected.. hmm maybe to many CSIs for me. O.o
Very fascinating. Very fascinating indeed. *grins
Sorry no pictures of that larh I wanna make this blog a family blog wtf dont wanna scare little kids away lol wtf.

Pictures courtesy of Melvin


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