Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greetings from cyberjaya!

Hey peeps! Sorry for the long delay!

Was really busy with orientation these few days :: busy as in wake up as early as 6am and sleeps as late as 2am.

Ok nevermind that. Pictures! I'm sure you guys wanna see how my apartment looks like heh heh (but if you guys dont wanna see then nevermind larh *sulk like a little kid at the corner of the room wtf.)

Firstly I stay here ::

Cyberia Smarthomes.
They're called town villas; more of an apartment than a condo.
The roads are bright at night, many trees, looks very classy on the outside but the inside isn't. :p
They have security uncle inspecting every hour which is kinda cool and yea, it is full with foreigner students mostly from MMU and limkokwing.
Oh, and did I meantion there's a swimming pool? *grins
The only bad side of it is that it is super duper friggin HOT !! like omg really hot especially the first few days, but now it gradually got colder wtf maybe because we got use to it already. :D

They have condo's too, which you can see in this picture.

SORRY no pictures of the rooms yet coz its MESSY. please mum no lectures yet :D

Moving on to orientation week, made some new nice friends, discovered that I'm not the oldest there. :P Ok larh I'm among the old old gang wtf. (Since, I got nothing else to say, I'm gonna go in more detail bout this so bare with me arh people people lol)
For orientation we were divided into groups and this is mine ::

Spot me. :p
Sorry it aint very clear, got this pic from someone else.
See those people with their names pop out?
Those are my facilitators and they're younger than me lol. (They're 19)
Qilah is so nicee, she's from seremban and she smart. AND she laughs at my lame jokes so I'm very glad with that haha.
Melvin on the other hand is funny, teaches us cute 'korean' dances (coz he's half korean) for our punishments and best of all he brings us around! yay! and he's christian! Ada gang already.

Hmm I think that's it for now. Will upload more pictures soon.
Class starts tomorrow cant wait!

Till then,
enjoy your aircond while you can wtf.


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