Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have tonnes of assignment to hand in on Monday and yet I'm blogging *sigh* kill me now.

Hello everyone.
Way to start a post huh?
I'm starting to stress out already I suppose. (relax too much already for the past one month)

Anyway, I'm
Starting to get use to the facilities here, like GETTING UP SO MUCH EARLIER TO WAIT FOR THE BUS.
Oh yea. I cut my hair and at a right time I suppose coz its freaking hot outside campus.

While waiting for rapidkl.
I dont know why larh but I always seems to miss the bus =.=''
Like when I'm so near the bus stop, like just a few metres away, the bus would be there and I'll be like "nooooo!" and zoom the bus goes. T_T
Sigh. Another 10 mins for the next bus.

Starting to get use to sharing bathrooms.
Starting to get use to washing my own clothes.
Starting to get use to sleeping without an aircond.
Starting to get use to studying very late at night to hand in assignments.
Now I understand how 'hardworking' we must be to do medic.

Team work!

Hello everyone this is cynthia my roommate.

Starting to get use to walking alot.

Why hello there mr blister.

Starting to love my lappie alot coz I realise that without it my assignments can go down the drain.

Ok so this is not my lappie lol.

BUT apart from all this, still got time to ::

.. chill :D


.. and counting

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