Thursday, June 4, 2009

Didnt see this one coming.

Phei Yee was hungry.
She was very very tired and lazy to cook dinner.
Her housemates were out for usrah and all that is left is cynthia and her.
She decided to call Dominos for dinner coz she thinks she's so rich wtf. =.=''
So she made her orders online together with cynthia's.

She waited.
and waited.
and waited.

She almost died of hunger *ok mayb i exaggerated a lil and yet Mr. Pizza dude isnt here yet.
Little did she realised that 30 minutes had gone by, the frown on her face changed to a wide smile accompanied by excited lil 'yay yay' hops around the room wtf lol.
No she's not crazy.
Tell you why ::

The very promising "We will deliver your pizza in 30 minutes" motto.

Not so promising after all huh.

Jeng Jeng Jeng.
Actually I thought they would just not charge me for the pizzas I ordered but instead the said is free pizza for my next order. Hurmphh.
I actually practised what to say to the pizza dude WTF I know right, why am I so paranoid.

"Er, you're late, so how my pizza?"
"Why you come so late? Free pizza now?"
"Eh, you lambat lah sudah selepas 30 minutes, jadi? tak payah bayar arh."

At last I dont need to say anything coz they were like, sorry miss, we are late. :D

But something still bugs me.

Why call me MR larhh?


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