Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guide on how to keep yourself occupied on a weekend.

1. Go all the way to Bangsar to check out this guy.

Mr. Edison Chen himself.
(okay, You might have to zoom in coz he's wayyy at the back there in grey)

Oh there he is again among the hands wtf.

I never knew there were so many Edison fans in Malaysia especially guys, I mean when I was there, I practically hear guys chanting "edison! edison!" rather than girls. what is this.

Look at the crowd man. Imagine if it was jay. *faints.

He was here for the opening ceremony for his clothing line I guess err, Juice.
Went there with besties and one of them is so dedicated to climb and stand on a very dangerous end to produce a picture like this :

And this :

HAHAHA check out the girl in grey shorts black shirt. Just look at her lah risking her life on the edges hahahahaha.

Here we have mean mean, our very own orange crocs grey shorts black tee edison chen haha.
HAHAHAHA semangat berkobar kobar wei~

2. Window shopped at a boutique in Bangsar.

3. Had choc cake and vanilla shake at delicious.

Oh My Goiiitt.

Vanilla shake-ing. :)
Loe had her apple crumble yum!

4. Watch 17 again at ou.
The movie was funny and one of the main reasons why its not bad coz there's zac larh.

I find this hairstyle of his, funny. Like the jungle book boy, what's his name again?

5. Went ou AGAIN the following day

Shopping for jap food. Arghh really satisfy my cravings.

My lil bro not my boyphren ok.

Look alike bo? :D

While parents were shopping I kinda stalked the Haagen Daaz promoter lol seriously, who can resist freeee ice cream larh, HD somemore.

Back in kuantan.
Feel different this time around.
Everything is like.. moving s.l.o.w.l.y.
Assignments piling up.
Argh better get started.


.. and counting

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