Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Huhu ~ vwwery random post.

Hai I'm still alive, yes, I'm not dead.
I miss blogging larh, no time to do that nowadays T_____T
Anyway, first and foremost I would like to congratulate my friend Li Xin! for making it inUSM! Whow. And to those who think they got it but didnt get it because of the freako system, my deepest sympathies.
Actually I didnt know the results were released until I saw a few notices on FB. And so I went to check mine and got this ::

I've expected that anyway. :D

Psychics and I are getting along pretty well lately; probably I have personal tutors hee~

Another tutor photo unavailable because he says he dont like to take pictures. =.=''
Okay *muka serious* will respect that. :p

Guess what peoplepeople, my fastfood cravings has increase *a very depressed and deprived face
There are actually times where I dream of McD and KFC shops running away from me dont wanna take my order wtf and I wake up in cold sweat kononnya was chasing the shops in my dream what is this larh haha
But seriously.
I want my dose of fastfood boohoo~

Chillicheese burgers. gawd. to-die-for-burger.

Even got Kiddie Meal only also I damn satisfied dy larh.
The only fastfood we have here at cyberjaya is Dominos and Secret Recipe, which is not even a fastfood outlet wtf.

Oh yea, my housemates! and my very understanding mentor. :)

My coursemates!

My fatin! lol fatin I know you're reading this; freaking funny pose larh babe.

Hurmphh need to head back to my assignments now boo
babai dont miss me.

eh, miss me la miss me.

Oh and anybody who can guess what is this I give ferrero rocher sebiji, coursemates not included :DD
Clue :: Its something disgusting.


Foteinyx June 4, 2009 at 12:31 AM  

Aww thanks for making my toothache so much better =P

... Even though that WAS a really unflattering picture, I forgive you. Woulda preferred the senget picture of both of us though!

luv ya ;)

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