Tuesday, June 30, 2009

im eating bacterias.

Phei Yee's self exclaimed twitter :: Short update bio exam tomorrow. go daiii.

Yes its true.
Erm. 'Eating' might not be a good word.
The better word is CONSUME *shit english test this friday english still so weak.
Anyway yea, Im consuming bacteria because momdad say I didnt eat enough fruits and vege so these bacterias would help with digestion and stuff.

Omg. I read bout streptococcus in biology!
SO in total I consume 10 billion bacterias daily ish sounds so freaky.

Next time when people ask me,

" Phei Yee what did you had for lunch?"

I shall answer,

" ohh nothing much just 10 billion bacterias, do you want me to name them to you wtf"


.. and counting

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