Sunday, June 28, 2009

kuantan kuantan.

Im back at cyberjaya and it is Fking hot. T_T
The past week in kuantan was kinda relaxing for me, sleep and study at my own pace no rush rush. Hmm what else? oh I HAVE SUPER FRIGGIN BLACK HAIR NOW.
And I think im gonna get bold soon larh coz this week alone i dyed my hair like two times wtf.

My first dye colour was this.
But mommie says its too light and my lectures would not like it so, i have no choice but to dye back to black coz my base hair colour is too light.

Haiyo so black.

Someone came to visit kuantan.

Hahaha emo shot. :p
Since there're not many places to visit in kuantan other than makan place, we brought him to Giant Hypermarket Kuantan wtf lol.

Boys will always be boys. Hypothesis accepted.

Neh. proof. lol. nolarh its actually mom and dad wanna get me a cooler for my room coz its hot here, and there's one in giant but when we went there it was sold out. HURMPH. Anybody else knows where they sell cooler fans? Not tower fan but cooler fan.

Oh and have you guys tried those teh ubat cina at those traditional chinese medicine shops? yea yea those 80 cents bitter tea. I NEVER WANT TO DRINK THAT AGAIN. I had no choice that day cz I think Im gonna get sick. Urgh never liked them.

Pre math and after math wtf.

Hello brother! wtf totally random.
He should be football-ing right now. :p
Lessons start tomorrow 8am class. yer~

Phei Yee is currently listening to super juniors's sorry sorry.


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