Thursday, July 2, 2009

4 down 2 more to go.

Biology theory .. checked
Chemistry lab .. checked *even got back the results already wtf.
Physics lab .. checked
Biology lab .. checked.

Yet to come :: Chemistry and Physics Theory!

I'm officially stressed out this week.
I'm worn out, tired, and emotionally unstable, meaning I might go berserk anytime soon, ask my housemates I think they know. =D
Thank goodness exams are about to come to an end, I dont know how long can I stand these late nights facing lappie, reading the slides, straining my eyes because I forgot to bring back my specs so Im stuck with contact lenses, wearing them more than 12 hours aday wtf.
*thanks mum for postlaju-ing it over =)

HOWEVER, this is the road I choose so I should bear with it.
Okay enough of the emo-ness, I had cuppacakes today! *love*
cupcakes. ever. i. tell. ya.
Well its abit pricey larh but I think people are willing to pay for them. *coughs

Cute kan. =)

Yum! BUT the only thing is that it is tooooo sweet, seriously.
If you check out their web, they have other cuter ones too.

I think mum and auntie chulan should start this business larh since they like baking and all, instead of selling cuppacakes, can sell pineapple tarts cute version *improvise abit =D
Good money wei~

With ipod, chocolate chip cream and goodfriend accompanyin' me, what better way to relax after a stressed week.
Ready to indulge into mine. Babai. =)

check out their web for more info!


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