Friday, July 31, 2009

Flowers are not for valentine only.

Its useful in producing herbariums too. =.='''
I hate this larh seriously I hate plants including mosses and funguses.
(especially those in thong sui).
But yea, our bio experiment this week is like.. on plants. =(
Need to bring own plant somemore. =((
I think this should be a right time to appreciate the plants in mommy's garden. =(((

Okay so I was desperately looking for plants with flowers, leaves and if possible roots still intact around street mall for this project (fyi, there's LOTSA plants at street mall) and you know what, I cannot find a freakin darn plant and I had to stick with bougainvilla, the boring bougainvilla. Crap.
Not only the plant was crappy, I also kena caught by the guard for plucking the plant wtf.

I think I'm allergic to Riaz's flowers. T_T
I dont even know what kind of flower is this, quite hairy one the stems wtf.

Still prefer dogs. =P


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