Monday, July 13, 2009

Food critic konon. :x

POPEYES. Heard of this place?
Actually I dont really know the real name of this makan place coz its kinda confusing.
It says Louisiana Kitchen Popeyes.
So, which one? Louisiana Kitchen? or Popeyes? or both? wtf. Making myself confused only.

There you go.

Anyway, I call this place high class KFC.
You'll see why ::

Looks familiar?

Even the colour also same same. Its 'high class KFC' coz it apparently very much more expensive than KFC and apparently (again) it is very famous in US.

Food critics lol.
"Somebody" cut his hair and said not satisfy with it coz its too short and made him look lala wtf.
Hmmm. I wonder whoooo horrrr.
Oh btw, mel is testin the biscuit which comes together with the combo regular meal or somethig and it aint nice. :(
Overall, we prefer.. KFC.


May I know this pair of expensive jeans belong to who wtf
*coughs melvin dont try to deny dy coughs
I aint no prevert okayyyyy. Its just a coincidence. :p

Its been AGES since I had this baby. Whoots!

Oh and I kinda hurt my leg while I was a s.lagoon. Shit larh I didnt realise there's this step thingy then i slipped in the water. Hurmph anyway, if you see a limping girl walking around helplessly, stalkin forever 21 and guess last saturday at sunway, well guess what you found me. harr harr *inside joke
So most of the time I had this "ouch but cannot resist window shopping" face.

Another food satisfaction post. :DDDD
Okay have to save money dy babai.

Look at the magnificent deco at pyramid. End up lookin weird when i took the pic.

Like if this thing drop it would poke yr eye balls wtf.
*omgee to0.many.happy.tree.friends.episodes


.. and counting

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