Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy meal. :)

Another bday cake! wtf.


*dont say I everything also love want larh I dont okayyy I just happen to love alot of things nanannanana~
Believe it or not I dont actually know what it was at first until I saw the pics on the menu, then I was like OO they call this bento wtf.
Good news, they have TEMPURA OEMGEE I LOVE TEMPURAAA roar!
Bad news, it reminds me of my host family's cooking which I deeply miss. T____T

And it aint that expensive.
Affordable larh almost same price as when you eat regular set meal at mcD wtf and I think its more worth it rather than eating at oldtown. It's either this or that. :p

Okay people people please dont think I'm always enjoying myself here kay, everybody seems to be having this perception coz I only blog bout cool stuff I did here, I didnt blog bout how I suffer during the weekdays. O.o
So yea, I am not always enjoying myself arhhhhh! I have stresses too. T_T
Except these few days larh, let the girl enjoy her bday lahh. :)

I dunno why larh but tempura and me got chemistry for some reason.

Happy meal set 2. T_T
Looks so ... right?
Basically this is what I eat daily larh, if not I would just cook and NOTE THIS :: bento is just a priviledge ok. T_T
BUT hor, see the nasi ny liddat but actually very nice okay!
AND it was delivered to my house somemore lol they have delivery service for people like me who is too freakin lazy to walk to the shop outside.
Nasi lemak and mineral water never tasted better, like they said, when you're hungry you would eat anything and anything would be nice. *okay lets not go too far here.

TODAY I ATE CARBONARAAAAAA thanks to cynthia who overcooked and end up feeding all of us rofl. Now you can see why I love my housemates. :D

Phei Yee vows she shall
spend on food from now on.
Economy crisis.


.. and counting

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