Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunway Lagooooooooon.

Longgggg post ahead.

I couldnt remember the last time I went to sunway lagoon.
Probably when I was fives or six.
I have pictures of my family and I there and I remember mum telling me thats sunway lagoon and bro was practically a baby that time, so I pressume it has too be wayyy back ago.

Sunway Lagoon changed ALOT. Well duh, its been what, 15 years since I've last been too.
I dont think there's scream park or extreme park last time but now they do!
Not a big fan of ghost and extreme sports, I went to water park and the amusement park instead.

No big crowd yesterday. Yes! No long Qs!

Assign mel to buy the tickets. :D
With Mykards we got 20% discount, so its 48 bucks each. =)
As usual, cannot bring food and drinks in. Mel already warned me bout the slaughtering price of the food and drinks sold inside.
Mineral water the small one is like freakin 3 bucks and fried beehoon is like 6 freakin bucks.
No choice. Was hungry. =(

Not tall enough. T_T

I've got my pass yo!

Not very fond of this but Mel was. :x

Before going to the bridge thingy, there was this illusion thingy which suppose to make u think u're walking in a long tunnel but actually its just a short path. I didnt think it works on me coz I dont feel anything also wtf.

Still a long way to go.

mr im as cool as fcuk. :D

Pretty views taken from the bridge.
Mind you no editing was done. I love my cam!
Okay since both of us are not very fond of sitting scary roller coasters, we decided not to wtf. I use to like roller coasters but dont know why yesterday chickened out.

The scary tomohawk that goes upside down. Gulp.
We kept consoling ourself saying that this ride is not scary enough for us so we dont wanna ride it wtf.

Mel checking out the "not scary enough for us, tomohawk" ride lol.

"Okay, lets walk off." lol panicking dy hahahhaa.
And so,
We decided the go to other "scarier" rides

Like the spinning cups!
Ooo so scary wtf.

And the "scary" giraffee.
Ooo Im so scared wtf.

The "scary" fly up fly down merry go round thingy.
ooo still so scared i almost puke. =.=''

We are so freakin "scared" LOL.

Funniest thing :: Mel cant even fit into the ride hahahahha and both wanna squeeze into the same ride somemore wtf luckily mr security didnt shoo us.

Ok so we dont have guts to sit the scary rides but we did conquer the kiddie rides! yay to that! wtf.

Oh there's one more ride :: the wagon wheel.

The "fastest" ever weiii~ See my hair also flyin dy.

So "fast" until long hair people cannot sit wtf.

Honestly that is the most boring ride ever.

Q-ing up for some waterslide thingy which is officially the scariest ride there (to me) coz there's like 2 high plungers T___T
I kept screamin like a lil kid for that torturering 15 seconds. I think the kid next to me must be like what the heck. =='

End up getting wet and lookin like a zombie wtf.


The sand on the artificial beach was hard and hot. =="

And you know what, our bloody float got BLOODY STOLEN wtf weii~
like that also wanna steal sigh we went around searching for it somemore like its some kind of hunt in the amazing race.
Thanks to that bloody float stealer we couldnt take back our deposit.
Thank you horr, wherever you are now.


Faaatiiinn lar weyh,  July 13, 2009 at 11:08 AM  

I envy you and all those *scary* rides you went on! >=(
*stashes stolen float inside dissection hall*
Let's have a field trip there next time and make sure we go the the not-so-scary roller coasters that time, eh? xD

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