Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Suprised. Shocked. Touched. *part 2

The electricity was out.

Room was pitch black except for the light from outside.

I was sleeping.

as usual
*duh what else would i do wtf.

Cynthia asked me to see the elec box coz apparently they cant seem to find the main switch to on back the elec lol suddenly everybody in the house dunno how to on back the main switch. ^^

Candles out.

Birthday cake out.


Another suprise bday partay! :D

They put 4 candles which makes me think Im 22 years old LOL but took them out dy so yea, 22 years old. :D
I *heart E33ab ainil,cynthia, mira, saiba, alia!

Muka baru bangun tido wtf.
*before this my hair was super messy but for pictures sake have to look good larh wtf.

2 cakes.
2 different bday partay.
Gazillion bday wishes.
*hearts you guys
God bless ya all aite!


.. and counting

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