Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too much.

Its 4.10pm now.
This could only mean that I have been sitting here at Coffeebean OU for the past 4 hours.
No, not yamcha-ing what so ever. But doing assignments while waiting for mel to finish church youth. (cannot follow coz too much work. T___T)
* Just look at my bored faces.
Next week is seriously killer week : 2 quizzes, 1 test, a bunch of assignments, IT presentation and 2 CSL.


Luckily the people working here didnt kick me out or something wtf well they are not suppose to right, i'm still a customer hah~
I've been here long enough to actually know when is the peak time where suddenly so many people wants coffee or when there's like only me sitting at the corner doing work wtf. I even notice that KL peeps are freakin rich by spotting 15 LVs, coach, gucci bags lalala.
*cant help it, sitting next to the window. :P

Anyway, I just wanna get these stupid stuff done and over with then I can enjoy my kfc dinner later woohoo! wtf

on a budget okayy. :)

OK gotta get back to work now before mel comes and sees me not doing work and start giving lectures bout time managment again lol wtf like mom liddat.

"I'm are so freakin hardworking and didnt go online at all you knowww" wtf.

THAT's what I would say.


.. and counting

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