Thursday, August 6, 2009

Botanical Gardens Putrajaya

I'm not really a 'plant' person.

I'm not those peeps who goes :

"Oo, check out the leaves of that plant!"
"Wow, so many pretty flowers!"
"O O O can I bring the tree home? I want to plant them at home" wtf
(this would most probably be my mum)

So when Mr Eric said we're going to the botanical gardens, everyone seems excited except me I guess, I get excited for the wrong reasons and this time its because we don't have to attend class. hah! and get to camwhore!

Stepping on botanical ground wtf.

So since this is a "plant" trip I shall include some plant pics.


Aa.So nice horr the flowers mummm. :DDD

Okay enough dy
Now for the MORE interesting pics.

Laugh what. Don't laugh. I tried to do this praying mantis pose coz there are bamboos all around. Dunno why got that praying mantis feel wtf but obviously I failed miserably.

It was raining the whollllleeee trip. Like korean drama ny, trees, flowers, rain, people. Haiyo.

They have these sprinklers everywhere you know, to water the plants larh. If the sprinkler is an immobile one then its ok, but ITS THOSE THAT MOVES AND MAKES PEOPLE WET OKAYYY. haiyo and I was so happy praising myself of taking super nice pics and focusing on the flowers to get a good shot somemore and out of nowhere the bloody sprinkler sprayed my butt wtf. Crap.
And the whole time, we are screaming and trying to avoid these sprinklers at all cost and somehow it seems like we're at Sunway Lagoon like that, spray here spray there.

BUT nothing can stop me from camwhoring hahaha oh and I love me flower. :)

Miss supermodel and she's younger than me you knowww haiyo.

High school musical feel wtf. Wait till you hear me sing and dance.

Korean drama. :x

Try and guess which one is my lecturer. :D

ROFL look at cynthia.

Feel like singing negaraku dy. :D

Urgh. Finally!

Still cannot get enough of the flower. O.o


Foteinyx August 7, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

Heeyyyyy, you gotta admit the sprinklers were a LOT of fun =D

Janson August 7, 2009 at 5:35 PM  

ish, siap binga kat telinga... kenapa tak ambik bunga raya!! promote lah Bunga malaysia...

pHei e is me. August 7, 2009 at 5:40 PM  


uncle janson :: cannot pluck the flowers uncle, I can only take those clean ones on the floor lol

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