Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chemistry is so 'fun'!

Im currently in my room, bloggin while smelling the mosquito fuming 'aroma' wtf.
I closed the sliding door when they sprayed but dunno how the freaking fume came in.
I hope there's no side effect to smellin it or something, coz I have bio Q and A revision session tomorrow and I dont wanna go nuts with my answers.

Gotten my exam slip today.

So, this is it.
Starting next tuesday till friday, I dunno what would happen to me but after that, yes! R>E>L>A>X !

Oh how I love Cuuu Cums. :x

Oh and the other day we were doin some kind of chem experiment with the molecule models thingy.

I dont really know what they are called but i call them Le.Go. :)
I know they had this in my school those days but dunno why these seems cooler.

@.@ Dont understand.

So end up doing weird animal molecules wtf does this look like a duck? :x

Phei yee misses momma's cookin'
(except for the steam ginger fish lol)


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