Sunday, August 30, 2009

A delighted Phei Yee

Phei Yee is currently delighted coz she finished her final paper yesterday.
Now she is currently in malacca after one helluva fun dinner in conjunction with popo's bday. :)
She's 80 yo! and going strong. Will post bout that later.

Mummy Daddy came to pick me up yesterday from cyber to malacca. Mummy was of course complaining bout how messy my room is yadada moms will always be moms.
We went food hunting again YES FOOD HUNTING and this time its ::
We got lost at first wtf, coz daddy has no idea where the shop was as he just knew it from ah xian (taste with jason yea yea that chinese show bout makanmakan), so yea adventurous daddy never gave up and YES we did find the place in the end. :)

A tired Phei Yee waiting for her crabs.

Why.. Hello there lil bro's hand wtf. He's camwhoring as well, its in our genes, apparently. :P

Mar mite ( i dunno how to spell wtf its that thing u eat with porridge one) crab
omg so nicee i tell ya.

And they had this coconut thingy I dunno what it was it somekind of herbal soup, but it taste good as well. We plan to bring back the coconuts and make some lamp lantern thing wtf.

"What's your prob huh?"

White roots coming out BOO.

Had no idea what daddy was talkin about.

And why mummy was so happy.
Probably the crabs. :D

This spell's g*a*y.

This spells *I dunno how to differentiation which is up or down* wtf.

Smeeeelll ittt kao kao coz we paidddd for itttt.

Ending the post with a sibling pic. Nice to have bro to be bullied for the next whole week of my sem break heh~


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